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We have some of the best Boiler Finance Packages on the market. You could be offering these packages within 4 week

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Phone: 0333 444 0611
Address: Unit 3 West Street Ind Estate Glasgow G5 8LG

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0333 444 0611

We have been offering customers boiler finance options for over 5 years now so we are very familiar with the market place and customers needs. We also understand that if you are new to the world of boiler finnce you will have loads of things you are not sure about.


We have answered most of the common questions below. However please feel free to contact us to discuss anything you are not sure about.

Is this facility open to anybody?

No, we are inviting qualified heating installers only with a minimum of 2 years installation experience

Do I need a Credit licence?

No. We are a principle company with the FCA. This allows us to Appoint Representatives that can legally offer customers our finance packages. This means you are freely allowed to discuss finance with a customer while in their home.

Why do you charge a set up fee of £400

As we approve you as an Appointed Representative with the FCA we are required to do certain checks on the responsible person and the company. These checks are carried out by Compliancy Services Ltd and are very time consuming. The amount of work they do is well worth £400 by the way!

Is there any ongoing fees for the installer?

No. Once you have paid your set up costs there are no ongoing fees. There is however an annual audit fee of £120. this is for FCA compliance.  We are happy to contribute towards this fee. We allow £10 per install contribution towards this fee, so 12 installs per year pays for your audit fee.

How long does it take to get set up?

Once you have completed the application form it takes approx. 2-3 weeks to be fully approved. It depends if you get the forms completed quickly and correctly.

When do we get paid?

You get paid the full amount you quoted on the Wednesday the week after the installation is completed.

Do I quote including VAT?

Yes. Your quote must be for you total amount so if you are VAT registered this must include the VAT

Do I need to buy the boiler from you?

No. The installer isn’t required to buy the boiler. We supply the boiler pack ready to collect with no upfront costs to your  self. Due to engineer feedback we now have an option that enables the installer to purchase the boiler pack themselves if they choose to.

Where do I collect the boiler from?

We arrange for the boiler to be collected from your local Plumbase or Plumbcentre branch. Again there is no upfront costs to the installer for this. If you choose to supply the boiler pack yourself you can obviously use any supplier you prefer.

Can I supply my own boiler for the job?

Yes, we have now added this option. If the installer chooses they can supply the boiler pack. We do insist that a filter is installed with each boiler though.

Why do the lenders charge a fee for their loans?

Offering the very low APR deals that we do allows us to stand out from the crowd and offer the customer the best pay monthly options on the market. The banks don’t lend money at these low rate APR’s as standard, therefore we must pay a subsidy to the bank to continue offering these fantastic deals.

What happens if the customer stops paying for the loan?

This doesn’t effect us at all. We get paid in full.  The bank is the one lending the funds to the customer. Therefore the bank are responsible to deal with each customer.

Where can I find your offices?

The Boiler Finance Centre is in Glasgow

Unit 3

323 West Street Ind Est


G5 8LG

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